Can’t move? Won’t move…

Adding value to your home & peace to your mind with Moonalabs.

In 2021, UK house prices grew at a rapid rate of 9.8%, which, according to the BBC, was the fastest increase since 2004. This surge, on average, contributed to a £24,000 rise in the cost of a typical UK home over the course of the year. It comes as no surprise that most homeowners who wanted to upsize to a bigger property have now put their plans on hold as a result of this spike in house prices.

It is understandable that on the exterior, staying put may seem the less exciting, underwhelming option, extinguishing the anticipation of moving somewhere new. However, in reality it is quite the contrary, providing huge opportunity to increase current house value – by upgrading your existing home.

With the reintroduction of stamp duty and the accumulation of ‘lockdown’ savings, opting to invest in your home is both exciting and financially prudent. According to a recent survey in 2021, conducted by Insight DIY, other than a swimming pool, (which, due to current energy prices, can cost a lot to heat) a home office garden room, summer house or outdoor studio, adds the most instant value for UK homeowners.

Here at Moonalabs, we provide exactly that. Creating and delivering luxury, sustainable outdoor spaces customised to cater for your everyday. Perfect for offices, outdoor gyms, or anything to your unique and expansive requirements. So why not add value to your home whilst adding peace to your mind?

Who said staying put wasn’t exciting…?


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