Hand-crafted unlike any other

Did you know the median garden size in the UK is only half the size of a tennis court? In London and other urban centers, that can be considerably smaller by up to 26%. The more time we spend in these cozy places, the more important it is to pay attention to the love and detail that fills the space. 

When it comes to the standard garden rooms on the market today, those details can be sadly lifeless and lacking in personality. 

But they don’t have to be. That’s why MoonaLabs is beautifully designed to be different. 

The average garden rooms are all the same 

Most makers of garden rooms use standardised components for as many materials as possible. The cladding and doors, the windows and skirting -- all are procured as efficiently as possible to shave the bottom line. This means they’re sourced from large merchants where they are made in a factory. As a result, they look and feel…uniform. 

Maybe it’s just us, but ‘uniform’ is the opposite of what makes gardens (and garden rooms) feel special, unique, and magical. 

MoonaLabs is different by design

MoonaLabs takes a different approach to producing our materials. We pick the highest quality timber available -- teak -- and give it the best finish possible. But how we do that is what makes us special. And we can truthfully say “us” because we employ highly skilled artisans, not robots, to hand-craft as many parts and pieces of our garden rooms as possible.

Our team is based here in the UK,  but our factory is in rural India where hardwoods like teak are more widely available, without impossibly high price tags. We source all materials sustainably (by planting more trees than we use), and we oversee every step of the process to ensure quality. We cut the tree. We transport it. We take it to the saw-mill, where a three-person team cuts, seasons, and planes the wood to ensure the pieces are perfect. At this step, everything is triple-checked between the UK and India teams to ensure it meets the exact needs and desires of our customers. Then, we move it on to the next stage.

Our artisans get their hands dirty

After processing, the wood is welcomed at the factory by our team of artisans. They use traditional tools and woodworking techniques to begin crafting individual pieces of each custom-ordered garden room, supplemented by light machinery where needed (spindle moulding by freehand would be horrible, just trust us).

Our team produces the cladding boards and panels. They craft unique tables and chairs to enrich and fill the finished space. They lovingly carve logos where desired, and add finishing touches like decorative grooves. Every piece they touch is a small piece of art produced with a skill mastered over their working lifetimes. 

The transformation is completed expertly on site in the UK  

When all the components are complete, they are packaged efficiently and shipped to the UK. Our expert team of professional installers here in London receives the materials and inspects them for any damage that may have occurred in transit. Finally, they arrive on site at homes across the UK for quick, quality installation, and our customers are ready to enjoy their unique, crafted-with-love garden room.  

A MoonaLabs garden room stands for passion. Mainly, we hope each room becomes a space for our customers to connect (or reconnect) to the things that make them excited to be alive. Whether it’s football, fitness, or a space for family fun. Whether it’s building a business or hosting the neighbourhood’s best summer party, a MoonaLabs garden room celebrates the richness of life. 

And it starts with the richness and appreciation of our own skilled artisans, hand-crafting the premium pieces stroke by stroke. Passion feeds passion. That’s how we change the world. 

Begin your MoonaLabs journey today.