What is Moonalabs, and how exactly are we revolutionising work-from-home?

To get to the story of Moonalabs, you need to understand the life-or-death importance of the productivity revolution. To start, have you heard the expression, “we are our own worst enemies”?

There has always been a gap between the oasis of peace and tranquillity we expect our homes to be, and the messy chaotic realities of life in the real world. That’s not a good or bad thing; our homes reflect our lives. The gap exists because we are often unable (or unwilling) to create an ideal vision, instead we add little bits of odds and ends to homes in bursts, like a Frankenstein creature lovingly assembled over time with the scraps we gather along our journeys. Most people never even notice the gap because we’ve adjusted and grown accustomed to it.

But depending on how large that gap grows, it can become a source of anxiety. In fact, the very place we turn to for comfort and support can become a source of distraction and frustration standing between us and our goals.

Never has this been clearer than the first time an employee tries to telework from home. Suddenly internet connection goes haywire, a neighbour’s dogs deciding to bark nonstop, and the allure of the couch and television threaten to turn a short break into an extended hiatus.

Then, for nearly a year, huge swathes of our country suddenly found themselves thrown into this type of environment. The realities of day-to-day work shifted dramatically almost overnight. Homes that already embraced the chaos of making food and making love, playing with kids, and playing games, relaxing and chasing passions or crafts – all the things we do or don’t do in our free time – we added to that list “attempting to retain a sense of normalcy and structured work, as if we were still in the office.”

Yikes. Introducing Moonalabs.

We don’t control how life changes, but we do get to dust ourselves off and control how we respond. That’s why homes across the UK saw kitchen tables become office desks; playrooms became school-rooms; employees became entrepreneurs; and parents took on the herculean role of adding ‘teacher’ to their resumes. And it’s why a small group of rebel visionaries started a furniture company to transform the environments and experiences of working and learning from home.

We started Moonalabs to acknowledge and address the real challenges of staying productive and focused in a beautifully chaotic home environment. Starting with struggles real people grapple with each day – like distracting chores, kids, or pets and a lack of dedicated, quiet space – we began to imagine ways to bring organisation and order into the routine. Struggles became solutions. We asked a simple question:

How can we create dedicated spaces to meet the functional needs of daily work without compromising the comfort and vibes of homes that have been lovingly designed?

Moonalabs uses these human-centric design principles to imagine custom furniture pieces that look beautiful and feel transformative by creating a designated space with purpose. Our flagship line is inspired by cosy nooks, both for mum and dad’s work or for the kids’ learning and play. Simply creating a designated space that mutes distractions and creates a buffer to the rest of reality, our customers are reclaiming control and order without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic. Like any successful revolution, it’s win-win.

More details about Alcove, the functional home working pod, and Wilma, our small work and study pod, can be found in our brochure or our FAQ pages. If you have questions, let us know at hello@moonalabs.com or call 0204 509 1150. 

Moonalabs set out with a clear purpose: to enable and support yours. Follow our page to stay informed about additional products, home projects, and more. The world is always changing; together, we have a say in how.