Massive Gains in a new Home Gym

At Moonalabs, we talk a lot about purpose. Our homes are multipurpose spaces now more than ever, so how we shape the space will directly impact how we use our time and what we get out of it. 

This has been essential in professional settings, as our customers seek revamped home offices. We at Moonalabs believe that multipurpose speaks to more burning passions than strictly professional work. When we create space with intent, we set ourselves up to achieve incredible results and - in the case of our latest customer - massive gains.

Let’s call him John. Like many of our customers, John has been juggling many professional and personal priorities over the last few years. He had always imagined having a personal gym and dedicated space for wellness in the garden of his Islington property. After months of working from home during the early stages of the pandemic, that dream began to feel like a necessity.

With gym memberships shut down, John began to feel a burning purpose to give himself and his family their best chance to maintain fitness and overall well-being. As he considered investing in quality machines and equipment, like a state-of-the-art Peloton treadmill, he also began to consider where he could realistically put it. 

John needed dedicated space, and he needed it to be right for his family’s needs.

Why Moonalabs?

John trusted us with his new project after evaluating a broad range of general garden room suppliers. The high-quality of our premium teak coupled with ridiculously competitive pricing offered John the right balance between luxury and affordability. The sustainability of our teak and minimal environmental impact gave him the confidence and excitement to proceed full steam ahead. 

The durability of teak was essential to John as he considered the investment for his family and their property value. Teak will last for years - even generations - without facing the decay of other woods. Add in the brilliant insulation of the entire building structure (including walls, floor, and roof panels), and John could confidently use his garden gym year-round, no matter the weather. 

Look Good, Feel Good

They say the body is a temple. To John, building a home gym for his family would take the same love, care, and attention to detail. John wanted to create an attractive space he and his family would actually want to spend time in. He envisioned a “wow factor” of contemporary elegance, solid construction, and maximum lighting. He chose a beautiful walnut stain for the exterior with a lighter maple veneer inside. 

To amplify the clean and open feel John wanted, we used full-height glass windows and doors, along with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Additional features included venetian blinds for privacy when needed, energy-efficient LED lights, and hidden wiring to complete the minimalist look. Working with our designers, John created a space for his family that looked good, felt good, and allowed any users to focus on their purpose. 

Putting In the Work

Aesthetics and beauty contribute to a sense of space, but utility is the final test. A space can only contribute to our purpose if it allows us to do the right activities. 

Weighing in at 200 kgs, the Peloton Treadmill was the heaviest and most important piece of equipment to work around. When we surveyed the area to measure the space and access points, we made sure the ground conditions could support a concrete foundation plinth. (Of course, sometimes ground conditions don’t accommodate the concrete plinth; we have alternative approaches for these contingencies). 

After installing the concrete foundation plinth, the rest of the installation proceeded like clockwork. First, we worked with our electricians to ensure all power supplies and cable routing are located safely and sensibly, then we proceed with the main structure. 

The modular components of the garden room are pre-tested at the factory, which makes for a smooth, consistent, and efficient assembly on site. It takes one day to erect the main structure, and one additional day to complete the interior design and electric. 

Before leaving the site, our team finishes with a rigorous quality check to ensure both our client and our crew are fully satisfied with the end result. 

The Real Work Begins

Our paths crossed with John and his family because we shared a mission: to create a beautiful, durable space and infuse it with purpose. Now, he and his family have an elegant and practical getaway to focus on physical health as well as mental wellness in a dedicated, designed atmosphere. Now, their real work begins.

And our real work continues. We’re proud to complete projects like John’s Garden gym in a sustainable fashion and with minimal environmental impact, so we can continue fulfilling our purpose again and again. 


How can we help you fulfil yours? Let us know; reach out to us today.

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