Why employers should invest in their employees' remote work life

You, as many others, have started to consider a remote or semi-remote work arrangement for your employees.

They have explained that the flexibility has benefitted their lives and allowed them to balance their home and work commitments much more successfully. This helps improve their mental wellbeing and passion for their work.

The majority of those who have switched to remote work cannot see themselves returning to the office, to be exact 99% of telecommuters report feeling this way. [1]

Your one concern could be that some of your employees may not be able to focus and be productive at home. The zoom backgrounds have been questionable, or you’ve noticed that your employees become increasingly sluggish from time to time.

Home life is never still nor silent. Their work set-up could be unsustainable, and cause feelings of frustration and anxiety. They know that returning to office fulltime wouldn’t be helpful, but it is evident that working from their living room isn’t ‘working’ for them anymore.

How do we bridge this gap?

It’s important that your employees feel like they can be successful in their role, so maybe it’s time to invest in your team’s remote work life. If they plan to work from home for the foreseeable future, then they need a permanent professional space within their home… or just outside it.

A garden office is an excellent solution for both yourself and your employee. You can be reassured that your employee is supported by their environment, and they will be able to achieve a much better work-life balance.

This will also give you more control over how your business is being represented while your employees are telecommuting. If your team member is taking video calls from their smart office space, then you’re maintaining a professional presentation of your business and its members.

The environmental benefits of this solution will also improve your company's sustainability. Your team's carbon footprint will reduce considerably, and if you purchase Moonalabs' insulated garden office then less electricity will be wasted on heating your office space. At Moonalabs we're committed to doing what we can to be sustainable, learn more here. 

This is an investment that you can trust will pay off. Your team's productivity will increase ensuring that your business is meeting its goals, and growing at an exponential rate. This growth will be further supported through easily hiring top talent, as the majority of professionals are more likely to accept a job that has remote work options.   

Moonalabs identified the potential struggles of remote work in late-2020, after working from home consistently for nearly a whole year. This is why we have created an outdoor office that will support your employees throughout their career.

Built with FSC certified teak wood to ensure that it will last a lifetime and designed with features that prioritize their comfort and mental wellbeing.

The commute is effortless, and their work is kept safely outside their home.

Your employees are entitled to decide what works best for them, however, providing them with the tools they need to improve their home-work life is an excellent way to support them.

Learn more about Moonalabs’ Garden Offices or request a consultation today