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A simple belief in better

Our Story

Our need for space is as core to the human identity as it gets. More importantly, our need to leave an imprint on our spaces -- for beauty, function, or personal reasons --is as old as cave men and women etching drawings into stone. Maybe even older. We’re not historians, but we are proud stewards of the human need to create space with purpose.

Moonalabs was born a few years ago to solve a major problem of the modern world: we just don’t have enough space. When we do, we’re guilty of cluttering it up. And there are many culprits: rise of remote work thanks to powerful internet connections; a pandemic that transformed kitchens into classrooms overnight; side hustles turning crafts into careers; or something else. It’s your life. You’re entitled to have a lot going on.

At MoonaLabs, we believe in better. How we use our space -- and how that space fuels our passions -- can be an intentional act of love. It can be curated and designed with purpose. In fact, the way we use the space available to us can have dramatic effects on our mental and physical health. Our well-being. Our joie de vivre.

  • From high-powered home-offices to a fortress of fitness.
  • From a mighty man cave to a perfect painting palace.
  • A football funhouse with friends or a sanctuary for summer soirees.
  • We believe the space is yours, and we’re here to make it better.

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Our Values

Being Better

Our core value is making everything we touch better. We believe every day can be better than the last, every space has the potential to transform into something more, and every decision we make as a business can make the world a better place.

Quality Craft

Part of being better means going the extra mile. It’s about making our work personal, because modern consumers deserve that little bit extra. It’s why the core components of our products are crafted by the human hand, not by robots (it’s their passion, we let them live out that dream….the humans, not the robots. Robots don’t dream, yet).


None of the improvements we make will matter if we aren’t around to enjoy them. Our products are made with teak, the most enduring and luxurious wood. We take sustainability one step further, too, by planting at least three trees for every one we use, and reducing our carbon footprint in shipping and logistics, too.


It’s not a vanity or an ego thing. Humans like pretty objects. We’re human. We like it on a deep, primal level when there is peace and harmony in the way something is designed. When objects fit flawlessly into their surrounding environment. Everything has a place and a purpose, and that means so much more than just raw aesthetics.

Our partners

In almost every scenario, doing better work means doing it with good partners. We always ensure our partners share our values and commitments.

Moonalabs is proud to be accredited members of IWA, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and one of the leading organisations in the UK to administer deposit protection and guarantee insurance. Their covers provide peace of mind for up to 10 years (the length of our warranty).

In March 2022, Moonalabs became a portfolio company of SFC Capital, UK’s leading investment firm for early-stage growth.

“SFC Capital carefully select companies through our detailed due diligence process. This equates to less than 3% of over 4,000 companies that we review every year. We have invested in and support Moonalabs as one of the leading Garden Room/Office Booth designers, manufacturers and installers.”

Edward Stevenson, SFC Capital

Moonalabs Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Funding Falcon Ltd. Ensuring you, the customer the buying power you deserve for your Garden Room journey.

Moonalabs Ltd (FRN 983788) has been added as an Appointed Representative under Funding Falcon Ltd (FRN:743100).

Moonalabs are proud to partner with Checkatrade. From our artisan craftsman to in India, to our Installers in the UK, only the best will suffice and our partners at Checkatrade provide exactly that.