About Us

Moonalabs is a new London-based venture specialising in building modular garden rooms from FSC certified teak wood.

The realities of work-life have been changing for years. The internet transformed our access to information and our connection to the world, which eventually took more jobs out of the office and into mobile devices. It was a business revolution. And it came with consequences.  

Now, the walls have broken down between professional and personal boundaries. On top of this trend, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed even more masses of the workforce into new experiences of working-from-home, developing side-hustles to earn extra money, or simply trying to find balance and reconnect with the passions that feed the soul.  Remote work is hard enough; juggling it with kids, neighbours and noises, and daily chores can feel maddening.  

That’s why we started Moonalabs. To give you, the hard-workers and heroes of the workforce a space to call your own. To provide dedicated, organised workspace at home, protecting your productivity and your sanity. And yes, why not -- to make these workspaces beautiful. 

Moonalabs is powered by entrepreneurs who have never been satisfied to settle for the status quo. Founder Lijo Jose began his revolutionary journey launching an award-winning start-up called ChewyMoon - reimagining healthy children's’ snack foods in exciting ways. Building a brand while raising his daughter planted the initial seeds for a simple idea: Home is a multipurpose space, and different environments fuel different outcomes. It’s hard to take conference calls to discuss quarterly growth when you’re working from a playroom, a kitchen, or in earshot of the television. 

As the pandemic pushed more employees into similar entrepreneurial struggles, it was time to do something. An idea for luxury and intelligently designed garden offices was formed, and Moonalabs was born.

Lijo is joined by a team of experienced business and operations managers as well as a team of 15 caprentery and upholstery staff.  

Ours is a team on a journey, and we are all at different stages. We are unified, along with our customers and friends, by a burning purpose to do more -- and do better -- with our passions. We believe in setting intentions and working hard to make a difference. And we acknowledge that remote work needs a home-makeover if we are to achieve the dreams we set out to pursue. 

How we use space matters. Comfort and function matter. And your work -- your purpose -- matter. We want to help you make it happen. Thanks for coming on this journey with us.