Shipping FAQs


Where do you ship? 

We cover most locations in the UK and Continental Europe.  
If you’re based outside Europe please reach out to us at for a custom delivery solution. 

How does the delivery and assembly work in practice? 

During your consultation call with our design team we will obtain key information regarding the condition of the ground as well as access, and request photos of the same (which are added to your product specification). We may ask for a site visit where necessary.

Our staff will be in touch with you prior to the delivery to arrange a suitable date for laying the foundation and assembling your garden room. We expect the installation, including ground works, to take between two and six days depending on the size of the room and customisation involved.

We will also remove and dispose of any waste such as packaging materials and pallets. Prior to handover our experienced QA staff will inspect and approve the build. They will then walk you through the building's build and features, care and maintenance and provide you with the care & maintenance documents. 


Couldn’t find an answer to your question? 
Email us at or call us at 0204 509 1150