General FAQs


How do I place an order? 

Please request a consultation via our product page. We will then go over your requirements before issuing you with an invoice. 


How do returns work? 

For non-customised products you can return your product for a refund within 60 days of delivery - no questions asked. We will only charge for the return shipping. Just contact us within 60 days of receiving your order, and we'll let you know how to return it, or arrange for a collection. Once it gets back to us, we'll refund you (minus any return or collection costs). 

With customised booths, your 60 days to cancel starts from the date you place your order. Each customised product is made just for you, so if you cancel after 60 days, you'll still be charged the full price. This doesn't affect your statutory legal rights. 


Do the products come with a warranty? 

Yes, we offer a 10-year warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects. We ensure the quality of our design and workmanship of all our products and expect them to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  


What does Moona Labs do to be sustainable? 

Learn out what we're doing to be sustainable on our sustainability page. 


What if the item's damaged when it arrives, or I was sent the wrong item? 

It's important that you inspect your order on delivery, because we'll ask you to sign a form confirming that it's in good condition. If you're not happy, let our delivery partner know, or note this on the form and contact us. 

Our quality team checks your furniture to make sure it's up to the very best standards before we send it to you. But if we've missed something or sent you the wrong thing, just let us know within 14 days. It really helps if you send us a few photos of the damage or any other issues. Our team will assess your complaint and let you know how to return the item, or arrange for a collection. We'll either give you a full refund, arrange for a repair, or order you a replacement. 

So that we can collect it, the product needs to be disassembled and repackaged.   


What are the dimensions of the garden rooms? 

Our smallest booth is 2 meters x 2 meters and is offered at £8,492 (including VAT, ground preparation and installation). Going up the size ladder (we offer a variety of sizes based on the customer’s requirements) the price per sqft drops significantly.


Where can I learn about the materials used in your garden rooms? 

A variety of materials go into the production of the garden office, including seasoned teak, marine plywood, toughened glass, wood veneer and electricals such as LED lights.

Learn more about the materials used in our garden office in our brochure.


Does your garden room booth come with furniture? 

We currently do not offer furniture with our booths. 


What is inside the garden room? 

Moona Labs provides an elegant and quiet sanctuary for focused work or relaxing. Inside you will find real wood-veneer walls, solid teak flooring, wide viewing windows in the front and two openable windows on the sides (made with toughened, laminated glass), power outlets, USB charger and LED lights.


How is our garden room assembled? 

Our white glove assembly service will assemble your garden office to ensure that they are installed correctly. This will take around half a day to a day complete depending on the size of your booth. 

There are assembled through a full-length bolting system on tongue and groove wall modules for maximum strength. 

We will also remove and dispose of any waste such as packaging materials and pallets. 


Can I move the garden room to another location? 

To move the garden room would require the dissembling of the office, and reassembling in a new location. To try and move the office while it is still assembled would likely cause injury to yourself and damage to your office.

If you decide to move your garden office you can purchase our white glove assembly service, which costs between £1750 and £3500 depending on the size of the office and your distance from the Greater London area


Can I customisthe garden room? 

Yes, absolutely!  

Standard customisation options include different veneer choices for the interior walls. 

You have the option to add decking to your garden office, and choose from an array of optional extras. 

We also manufacture garden office to custom sizes and requirementsPlease email with details of your requirements and we will respond within 24 hours. 


How much energy does the office consume? 

The office consumes 46W when runner lights are turned on.  We use energy efficient LED runner lights (12 watts each), designed to provide a bright, soft and natural light.  


How is the Wi-Fi and cellular coverage in the outdoor room? 

The booth is pre-wired with a 10-meter long ethernet cable which you can connect to your WIFI router. Please contact us if you require custom cable lengths. 

Please note that we put special emphasis on using materials that do not block Wi-Fi or phone signals, so your reception in the booth is unaffected as long as the WIFI router is placed reasonably close to the booth. 


Couldn’t find an answer to your question? 

Email us at or call us at 0204 509 1150.