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How we’ve built sustainability into the heart of the brand...

We live in a world of finite resources, one facing crisis after crisis for the environment. The planet needs responsible businesses more than ever; we simply can’t afford the alternative any longer.

That’s why sustainability is core to the mission and purpose of Moona Labs. We design products to sustain the purpose and passion of our customers, and we apply that same approach in how we create our products for the good of the planet. After all, we believe sustainable practices make well-designed furniture truly beautiful.

Our products are designed to last a lifetime – or several lifetimes. We want to see your workspace develop around it, because it will remain a long-lasting and vital component of your office.

We create all our products with responsible practices to reduce waste and minimise energy use in our production process. We use high quality, FSC-certified teak sourced directly from the forests of India at fair government auctions. When our production processes demand additional materials, we work only with accredited and reliable third-party suppliers. Every piece we use can be traced back to its place of origin.

Teak is renewable and eco-friendly. For every tree chopped down there's more than one planted to replace it, ensuring that teak will be available for future generations.

Our products are created by local artisans and carpenters from Kerala, southern India, who are skilled manual workers engaged in furniture production to earn a livelihood. Mass-produced, machine-made products have left little room for them to participate in India’s economic growth, as they live in rural areas. Our workshop is based in the village of Thottapadi, a small village surrounded by rubber trees and coconut plantations. Barring a handful of small, hand-operated machinery, we rely entirely on the skill and care provided by local artisans and carpenters. It’s win-win-win for us, our community, and planet Earth. And it gives each piece a unique character that is 100% your own.

With the growth of Moona Labs we will continue to find more ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability will always be championed in our design and production.

Like our customers, we always want to do our best and do our work the right ways. And we’re overachievers, too. So we pushed our commitment one step further, ensuring 1% of all profits are donated to Rainforest Rescue, a non-profit organisation committed to preserving rainforests and protecting their inhabitants around the globe.

Together, we can continue making a positive difference.

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