Luxury Teak Garden Room

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Welcome to your new garden room from Moonalabs. Unparalleled quality at an affordable price. A dedicated home office to enable you to engage professionally, with renewed energy, confidence and purpose, or a quiet space to exercise or to simply relax in comfort and style.

Our secret? Elegant and durable teak, the experts’ choice for outdoor furniture and construction. Teak stays cool in the summer and maintains warmth in the winter. It resists twisting, warping and splintering, and lasts for generations with little to no maintenance.

Teak is a close-grained type of hardwood. Its high oil content gives it the highest decay-resistance among all-natural wood products and, very importantly, our teak is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means for every tree used, more than one is planted to replace it. 


Features that make us unique  

In addition to a solid teak exterior, every garden room includes: 

  • Solid teak exterior, mahogany flooring, wood veneer interior panels.
  • Full insulation, tempered, double-glazed glass, heating and ventilation.  
  • French doors and 4-bolt security lock.
  • Lighting, electrical sockets and smart USB charging ports. 
  • Various optional features can be incorporated, such as a flyover roof, teak decking, covered pergola extensions, fitted venetian blinds and outdoor LED sensor lights.

Interior finish

The interior walls and ceiling are finished in real wood veneer panels as standard, offered in a variety of choices including maple, walnut, and teak (please see a full catalogue here). We also offer a laminate finish in a variety of colours for no extra cost. Customers can choose to panel their walls in hardwood (teak, mahogany, mango or rubber wood) for an additional cost. 

The flooring is made of seasoned mahogany in 20mm thickness. Mahogany is a very durable wood, which we use not only for constructing your building’s flooring, but also its internal frames.

Toughened glass

26mm tempered, double-glazed glass is standard in all our garden rooms, providing five times the strength of ordinary glass and a high degree of safety.


Our garden rooms are fitted with stylish LED lights set in a teak casing, providing soft and uniform lighting throughout the room.


No garden room is complete without fast-charging USB ports and multiple power sockets. Ethernet connection is also available at an additional cost.  

Substructure, insulation and heating

Our buildings come fully insulated with a robust, decoupled 9-layer substructure comprising battened air gaps, internal and external vapour membranes, 100mm OSB3 SIP panel substructure offering U-values of 0.27 and solid teak cladding for the exterior. They also come with a free-standing ADAX radiator heater.


Included with the order of your garden room is FREE assembly, including laying the foundation and installing the electrics.

The garden room comes with an external cable (offered in custom lengths), which will be connected to your external power supply. We will discuss the details of the installation during your consultation meeting.


We provide a 10-year warranty on the structural integrity of our products and any manufacturing defects. We ensure the quality of the design and workmanship of all our products and expect them to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.


Our garden rooms start at £11,294 plus VAT for a 2.2m x 2.2m and this price includes all of the above features and services.

Our price list details our full range of sizes and prices. 

Optional extras

No garden room is complete without decking (our decking is made of seasoned teak), the ideal spot to enjoy a glass of wine after a day’s work, and no decking is complete without a ‘Flyover’ roof. Customers can choose to have their decking and/or the flyover roof customised to a variety of widths.

Our full list of optional extras can be found in our brochure, along with more information on how we construct our booths. 

Buying a garden room is a major decision and therefore we will schedule a consultation call with you to understand your requirements and customisation choices.

Following this, we will draft a product specification document outlining your preferences, together with drawings and costs. Finally, prior to the order stage, we will arrange another consultation to go over the final details.

Estimated delivery date
We expect your garden room to be delivered and installed within 12 weeks* from date of order.

Our staff will be in touch with you prior to the delivery to arrange a suitable date for laying the foundation and assembling your garden room. We expect the assembly to take between one and four days depending on the size and customisation of the build.

Customers will be updated on the progress of manufacturing on a regular basis by our customer service team. 

*Lead times can be longer for custom builds

Payment schedule
Following your review and approval of the product specification document, you will be invoiced 50% of the purchase price and upon payment receipt, we will begin the planning, procurement and manufacturing process. The balance is payable in two installments, 35% prior to starting the build and 15% after installation. 

Accelerated delivery and installation is available at an extra cost – please contact us for more details.

We will discuss all aspects of the ordering, production, and fulfillment process during your consultation and also provide this within your product specification document. 

Get in touch:

Please email us at or call us on 0204 509 1150 to arrange a consultation with our experienced design team, who will help bring your dream garden room to life.